The Jews and Israel

For a while now I’ve been very concerned about the Jewish people. They are in more trouble these days than some people might know. The “resolution” put forward by the UN is a very troublesome thing. And it’s not just that resolution. Apparently there has been a trend of anti-Semitic behavior on Christian university campuses, (according to Jews for Jesus.) The idea is that the Jews should not be occupying the land they now occupy. “Its Palestine’s property,” people say. Admittedly, if you start the story of the Jewish state in 1948 it certainly looks that way. But if you look at the story theologically, it becomes clear that God isn’t through with the Jews or Israel yet. Israel is a miracle. It has survived since 1948, and some of the finest technology we have today was invented by Jews. The Jews have also produced fine writers, (such as Solomon Rabinovich, whose short stories were the inspiration for the hit musical Fiddler on the Roof,) and fine singers (such as Matisyahu.)

Unfortunately, we still have a problem with replacement theology. “The church is the new Israel.” Not so. As I said, Israel has survived, and if you dig into scripture, the Old Testament as well as the New, you will see that Israel did, does, and will continue to have a key part to play in God’s plan for human history. This fact simply cannot be avoided. God is protecting Israel. I’m reminded of a story of a Muslim fighter, who, when asked why the Muslims weren’t aiming their missiles right said,“We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air.” ( That is yet another piece of the miracle. So, believe what you will. But the fact that Israel is a miracle cannot be avoided, and if you look to scripture, it will become clear that it is scriptural for the church to support Israel.

One thought on “The Jews and Israel

  1. Wow! Well said and totally true. I have always had a love for Israel and support them. God bless you as you share your thoughts and write.


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