The Jews

I recently started reading a book entitled To An Ancient People: the Autobiography of Rabbi Leopold Cohn. Interestingly, he used to view Christianity as a stage of heathenism. And why wouldn’t he. In his native Hungary, (which was Catholic) there were priests, in his words, “prostrating themselves,” in front of Catholic icons. Interesting.

I’m aware that I’ve written about this issue before, but it’s an issue that can’t be stressed enough. The church must come out in support of the Jewish people. The thing I keep thinking is this: we can’t wait for anti-Semitism to become a problem we can’t fix then go back and do something about it. It’s now or never. One thing that mustn’t be forgotten: Jesus Christ, our Messiah, was a Jew. When people start oppressing the Jews, the first Jew on the chopping block is Jesus himself.

I myself need to be doing more research into the Jewish people, which, as I have said, I have finally started doing. This is a task I would advise all Christians to do. It’s important.

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