Today I saw an advertisement for a “new” Disney movie: Mulan. Really? Another recycled story? Just what the world needs. Excuse me if I fume, but this is really frustrating. You see, Walt Disney Pictures is not what it used to be. They’re mostly about politics now. They used to be a fun, family friendly entertainment company. Now they’re not. They used to be dedicated to kids, (especially when Walt Disney himself was alive,) now they’re dedicated to a liberal, indoctrinating political agenda.

That and they’re lazy. I mean, really, they’re not coming up with very much original material anymore. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms seems original and good, but they’re also coming out with live action Dumbo, live action Mulan, live action Aladdin and, (oh goody, goody,) Mary Poppins Returns. Not very original, guys.

“Oh, but Dick van Dyke is in the new Mary Poppins!” Who gives a rip? That doesn’t mean anything. It’s still a recycled story.

And another thing: piggybacking on other companies like Lucasfilm and Marvel is not going to work either. It seems like those companies are propping Disney up for the time being, but how long will that last? Plus it doesn’t really seem ethical, (although it may be “legal,”) for Disney to be buying up all these other companies and using them to rack in funds.

The point is, if Disney wants to resurrect the success of the past, they need to stop being political and start actually caring about kids instead of trying to indoctrinate them. That was key to Walt Disney’s success, and it remains key for the success of Walt Disney Pictures.

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