Historical TV Shows

I love history. It’s my passion. As one who loves history I’m interested in historical tv shows. The sad thing about so many of these shows, however, is that so often they contain inappropriate content. Also they can contain historical inaccuracies. A good example is the scene in AMC’s miniseries Turn: Washington’s Spies that shows George Washington praying to his brother. Very inaccurate, almost blasphemous. I wish that historical tv shows didn’t have to contain content such as that. And that’s not the only thing they contain: they also contain graphic content, and I don’t just mean violence. I think you can guess what other graphic content they have. It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend these shows to anyone, but I would urge extreme caution. They’re not bad shows. They just need to be a bit more censored. I wish they would be less inappropriate with their content. The shows would be so much better if they were.

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