Christian Music

Do you like  hymns? If you’re younger the answer may be no. This is understandable, especially if you didn’t grow up with hymns. But hymns deserve their place. You may ask, “Why? What’s so great about hymns?” Well there’s a lot to admire in hymns. Take, for example, the hymns of Charles Wesley, such as “Arise My Soul, Arise.” Great hymn. Many may view hymns as boring, but they should be given a chance. And I don’t mean they need to be made contemporary, then given a chance. The thing about old hymns is that they have so much to offer theologically. “Five bleeding wounds He bears received on Calvary. They pour effectual prayers they strongly speak for me. ‘Forgive him, oh forgive,’ they cry ‘forgive him oh forgive,’ they cry, ‘nor let that ransomed sinner die.'” Think on those lyrics for a moment. Great theology, and the song has a great tune besides. There are many great hymns and I encourage you to listen to some of them. Who knows? You may find they aren’t so boring after all.

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