“The Physician”

I’ve been working on a musical for the past few months about the Revolutionary War. It’s called “the Physician.” The story told in the musical is the life of Dr. Joseph Warren, and that’s a name that few people are familiar with.

Dr. Warren was a physician, I believe based in Boston. People don’t realize that he was at the center of events leading up to the Revolutionary War. In fact, one historian called him “the forgotten Founding Father.” It was Warren who dispatched Paul Revere and William Dawes on the Midnight Ride to warn the Massachusetts countryside of the approach of the British army that was coming to seize New England’s gunpowder supply. Also, when Samuel Adams and John Hancock left Boston for the Continental Congress, Warren became de-facto leader of the Patriot movement in Boston. He fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, and that’s where he met his early and untimely end. I believe he was shot in the head. A terrible thing, but what happened happened. So the musical is about him, a patriot who, again, is often overlooked. Hopefully this musical will rescue him from obscurity and give more people an interest in the history of this great nation we call America.

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