Julius Caesar and the Roman Civil War (more like one of their civil wars)

I’ve been interested in ancient Roman history (particularly their military history,) for a while now. There has been a question, (you could say a research question,) in my head for a little bit: in his commentary of his civil war with Pompey and the Senate Julius Caesar claims that he had to defeat the Senate for his honor, and for the “freedom” of Rome. Is this true? Had the Senate become corrupt? That is a question I intend to answer. My research into this question is going to include two books: The Civil War by Julius Caesar himself, (in which he makes his claims,) and the Storm Before the Storm: the Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic by Mike Duncan. That way I’ll get Caesar’s claims alongside the story of what was really going on in the Roman Republic at the time.

Honestly, the Roman Empire may not always have been a bad thing. They were always heathens, worshipping Jupiter and Neptune and all those other false gods, but I believe that it was secular humanism, (the worship of the emperor,) that made them truly bad. They didn’t always worship the emperor. The Roman Republic surely didn’t have the worship of the emperor. But when they started to command people to offer a pinch of incense to the emperor, that’s when they truly went bad. That could be one of the things, (along with homosexuality,) that made the Roman Empire truly bad.

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