Rome: Total War

There is an older game that I’m trying to get my hands on: Rome: Total War. I wrote a little bit about Roman history in one of my previous posts, so you know that Roman history is an interest.

In this game you can choose between 11 different factions, three of them Roman:

The House of Julii

The House of Scipii

The House of Brutii







Kingdom of Pontus


The three Roman factions are at the top of the list. I heard from one review of the game that the House of Brutii is really the only faction worth playing, (at least in terms of the Roman factions,) but when I get the game I’m probably going to try playing the House of Julii. One reason for this is as follows: each family seems to have a color: the Julii are red, the Brutii are green and the Scipii are blue. So, thinking about it, what color would be the most Roman? Red, of course. So, despite the review, I may try my hand at the House of Julii.

Hopefully we can get this game soon. I’m excited to try it out.

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