Israel and the World

Did you know that empires rise and fall based on how they treat the Jewish people? “Impossible,” you may say, but it’s true. A quick survey of history shows that this is true.

For my first example I put forward the Achaemenid Empire of Medo-Persia. In 539 BC during the reign of King Belshazzar the Medo-Persian army under King Cyrus destroyed Babylon. No sooner was Cyrus in power than he issued a decree allowing the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem, rebuild the walls and rebuild their temple. In fact, I believe Cyrus even issued threats to those who inhibited the Jews in the rebuilding of the temple. Because of this the Achaemenid Empire flourished, extending from Greece in the west to the borders of India in the east. But their dominance was not to last. In 486 BC King Xerxes (known in the Book of Esther as Ahasuerus,) came to power. He fell under the influence of Haman the Agagite (from whom the modern Palestinians are believed to be descended.) Haman hated the Jews with a passion. Why? Because one Jew, Mordecai, refused to bow down to him. Because of this, he tricked King Xerxes into issuing a proclamation for the extermination of the Jews. Although this extermination proclamation was later counterbalanced with a proclamation allowing the Jews to defend themselves, the anti-Semitic damage had been done, and down went the Achaemenid Empire, giving way to the dominance of the Kingdom of Greece.

Another example of this historical trend is the British Empire. In 1914, on the eve of the First World War, the British Empire was enormous, stretching from Canada in the west, to India in the east. During World War I the British army of General Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby, recaptured Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks. After World War I came the British Mandate, which allowed Jewish people to return to their historic homeland and repopulate it. This was a historic moment for the British and the Jewish people. But again, this camaraderie was not to last. During World War II and the Holocaust, the Jews were barred from entering Palestine by the British government, (I don’t think Winston Churchill had anything to do with that.) But again, the damage was done, and because of World War II, the British Empire was irreparably damaged, and fell soon afterwards.

So, where does that place us today? Who replaced the British Empire in dominance and in support of the Jewish people? The United States. Under President Harry S. Truman, we began a long and prosperous friendship with the Jewish people and the state of Israel. That friendship has lasted for a very long time, and America has flourished because of it. Unfortunately, a menace has risen in this country, just as it arose in Medo-Persia and Great Britain: since the Obama administration the American (if it can be called American,) left has been dominated by anti-Semites. Names like Barack Obama and Ilhan Omar come to mind. Right now, we have a very pro-Israel president in office. But we’re living in very precarious times. If we get another anti-Semite in office (and a leftist victory in the next election will insure that,) America could well be next on the chopping block. Think about the history I’ve just disclosed: every time a world power aids and supports the Jews, they flourish. When they don’t, they fall, and they fall hard. I believe that one more anti-Semite in power may well cause the fall of our country. We need to pray for our president and for American-Jewish relations. The future of our country could depend on it.

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