Rome and the Barbarians: Who Were the Real Savages?

I’m planning an expose on History Channel’s Barbarians Rising. See, from what I have seen of the show, (I’ve only seen one episode,) the show makes the case that the Romans were the real savages and that, “it was the barbarians who opposed slavery. They were the earliest freedom fighters.”

I’ve seen the first episode. It of course makes Hannibal Barca look like a noble warrior who was just defending Carthage. Meanwhile, the Scipio brothers are portrayed as these villainous soldiers with perpetual scowls on their faces. But was that really the case? Was Rome the big bad wolf while Carthage was this poor defenseless city? That’s not the image I’d use. See, the Carthaginians, like the Romans, were pagans. And while I believe that Rome did go bad in the long run, they weren’t always bad. The Carthaginians, on the other hand, were pagans par excellence, worshippers of Baal. As such, they practiced human sacrifice. Anyone who has studied the history of Rome knows that this was a level to which even the Romans, for all their faults, didn’t sink. So who were the real savages? You decide.

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