Learn by Playing, Not Just by Reading

I was just watching a wargame youtuber talking about, “the only way you can fail in your hobby.” It made me realize something: when learning a wargame, whether it be Michael Lovejoy’s Burrows and Badgers, or Games Workshop’s Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, you don’t have to read the entire rulebook before beginning to play! That was a mistake I nearly made with Burrows and Badgers. I have the rule book, don’t actually have any of the models yet. However, that doesn’t mean I should try to wade through the whole rulebook before trying to play. What I should do is make a concerted effort to get my hands on some of the miniatures, (for me and my brother, who is going to play the game with me,) and learn by actually playing the game. If you are a wargamer, I would recommend you do this as well. I tell you, trying to learn a wargame or skirmish game by trying to get through the entire rulebook can be a royal pain in the rear! So, to anyone getting into the hobby of wargaming, especially those who are really enjoying the hobby aspect but are on the fence about getting into the game: don’t try to wade through the rules before playing. Learn by playing! You’ll probably get a lot more enjoyment out of the game that way.

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