For those of you who have read my wargaming blog, this will be an interesting topic. I’ve decided to use my wargaming hobby to start a business! Now, truth be told, I’m not aiming to be famous or anything, but I’ve been thinking about starting a business for about a year now. Initially the idea was to actually write wargames. Well, that never came to anything. It was really disappointing until my aunt and uncle visited last month. They suggested starting a business, but letting it be about painting wargaming figures, rather than writing wargames, (which I can’t really do, since I haven’t really played any games.)

If I’m honest, the area I really shine in is not playing wargames, but painting wargaming figures. Currently I’m working on Games Workshop’s relatively new Death Korps of Krieg box set, and they’re turning out pretty well. Now, I’m not planning on selling these particular figures, but I’ve come across some pretty cool miniatures that I can paint and sell on Etsy, (I set up an Etsy account last week.) The figures I’m planning on selling initially are push-fit, (meaning they don’t need to be glued together.) Plus, the paint set some of them come with is very basic, so painting them won’t be too much of a hassle. I hope this blog was of interest to those reading it. And if you would like to check out my shop on Etsy, it’s called Warpaint60AD. Fair warning I don’t have any products up yet, but I should have some products in the shop by next month. So check it out! For those of you who would like to play wargames but don’t want to paint the minis, that could be of help to you.

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