Finish What You Start

In wargaming it is easy to get sucked into more than one game at once. Now, for some people that’s okay. Some people can get by with playing more than one game at once. But what I’m saying is that some people should choose one game and stick with it until they know the rules and the mechanics at least relatively well. For example, if you’ve decided to play Michael Lovejoy’s Burrows and Badgers from Osprey Games, don’t go over to Mercs when you haven’t even finished reading the rules for the first game. It doesn’t matter if the miniatures are cool. They very well may be. But if you don’t finish learning the game you’ve committed to learn in the first place, you’ll never finish anything! You’ll just be hopping from system to system never truly learning a game.

Now, I got some advice from the YouTube channel Tabletop Minions: learn skirmish games. That way you can save money as well as learn the game a little bit quicker. To begin with, the number of miniatures you need to play a game of Burrows and Badgers, (3-10,) is a lot smaller than the number of miniatures you need to play a big army game like Warlord Games’ Black Powder or Games Workshop’s Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Another thing is that skirmish games are quicker to play than large battle games, (at least I believe they are.)

So, in closing, play skirmish games, (especially if you’re new to the hobby.) And try to stick with one game in starting out. As time goes on, you may find that you enjoy playing more than one game at once. I’m just saying, don’t start out like that. Start with one game. Trust me, it will be a lot easier on you, and on your wallet!

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