Keeping a Paint Inventory

When you’re into the wargaming hobby like I am you end up with a lot of model paint. In fact you end up with two, three, or even four pots of the same color! Hence, and heed closely, because this is very important, keep an inventory of your paint collection.

Now, keeping an inventory can be as simple as creating a list of the paints you have. Now, I use Citadel paints from Games Workshop, so they have all kinds of weird names like Leadbelcher and Mephiston Red. You don’t necessarily have to put down exactly what type of red or green you have, but I like to put down the name of the paint. I’ve found it makes keeping track of exactly which paints I have easier.

There are many ways, with the advent of the internet, to store your list: you can keep it online, in a private file on your computer, or even on your phone!

I hope this was helpful to you wargamers and model builders out there using the internet. It’s critical to keep a paint inventory if you’re seeking to save money.

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