Wargame Design

For those of my readers who don’t know, I’m getting into wargame design. In fact, I’m endeavoring to start my own business. My first game is going to be Hyde: A Wargame of Gothic Horror in Victorian London. The idea is that humans are going to be pitted against Robert Louis Stevenson’s Mr. Hyde and his ilk, which will also include Dracula and the Modern Prometheus, (Frankenstein’s monster.)

I’m supposed to have a book on wargame design coming. It’s written in part by Rick Priestly, the guy who developed the immensely popular Warhammer system. Unfortunately the book hasn’t arrived yet. We called Amazon and it may be arriving soon, but I’m not sure.

I also came up with the idea to include in the rules for Hyde quotations from classic horror novels such as Dracula and Frankenstein. That will be lots of fun. Just picture within the general rules a box in which there is a quote from one of those classic horror novels! That’s the plan.

So keep your eyes open. Hopefully, soon, there will be advertisements for Hyde: A Wargame of Gothic Horror in Victorian London. I also have some great ideas for historical wargames. Some of the ideas are as follows: Horse and Musket: Wargaming in 18th Century Europe from the War of the Spanish Succession to the French Revolutionary Wars, Pirate Wars: An Expansion of Horse and Musket, Blood and Iron: Wargaming the Wars of German Unification, 1848-1871 etc. Hopefully these will all be forthcoming, so, again, if you are into wargaming, keep your eyes open!

Upcoming Wargames

There are some up-and-coming wargames that look very interesting. As you may know, I’ve started a wargaming section on my blog, and this is my second post on it.

The first upcoming wargame that looks VERY interesting is the Silver Bayonet: A Wargame of Napoleonic Gothic Horror by Joseph A. McCullough. As you may have guessed from the title, it’s set during the Napoleonic Wars, (1803-1815.) But their is a marked difference between this game and a regular Napoleonic wargame. Try to imagine the Battle of Waterloo between the Allies and Napoleon’s Grande Armee, but imagine it with vampires and werewolves. As the game hasn’t come out yet, (it’s coming out in October of this year,) I don’t know what the gameplay will be like, but I like to imagine what it will be like: I imagine the werewolves fighting with the Allies and the vampires fighting with the Grande Armee. I don’t know if that’s going to be the case, but that’s an interesting thought, anyway.

The second upcoming wargame that looks interesting is one that’s not going to be coming out for some time yet: Warhammer: the Old World. For those of you who have played Warhammer: Fantasy Battles, it’s basically going to be Warhammer with all the old factions, such as the Empire. One faction that’s going to be in that game that looks very interesting to me is Kislev, an impoverished but hardy faction based on Kievan Rus, (medieval Russia.) Apparently, in the original Warhammer game, Kislev got no more than, “a threadbare supplement in 2003.” Also, Kislev warriors apparently ride bears into battle, which will be very interesting.

So, wargamers, strap on your armor and shakos and grab your swords and muskets! It looks like the next few years are going to be very exciting for wargamers!

Warhammer: War is Brewing Between the Humans of Freeguild and the Children of the Horned Rat

I’ve decided to split my blog into two categories: history and current events on the one hand, and wargaming on the other. See, my brother Landon has gotten me into wargaming and modeling. I recommend you try it. It’s very rewarding to see miniatures glued together and painted.

The game of choice is Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Now some of the wargamers that are hopefully reading this post may not be into Warhammer. They may be more into easier games like Burrows and Badgers. But that’s the road down which I’ve chosen to go. I love the Warhammer miniatures and I think playing with them will be very fun.

The two races I’ve chosen for this particular game are the Freeguilders, (basically, the humans,) and the Skaven, (flesh-eating rat-men who worship the Chaos deity known as the Great Horned Rat.) Unfortunately I haven’t really gotten into the actual game yet. That will come later. At this point modelling is the order of the day. So yesterday I just started gluing together the Skaven plague monks. Gluing is not the easiest thing in the world. Painting is a lot more fun. So it will be really fun when I start painting them. I also have the Freeguild Guard coming in the mail. Soon the Skaven and the Freeguilders will be ready for combat! It’s only a matter of time.